Fringe Benefits Thrift Store
Fringe Benefits Thrift Store

Fringe Benefits Thrift Store - a Non-Profit Organization

Fringe Benefits was co-founded by Ruth Zabel, Melanie Nick and Rachel Nick in 2004. Together, the three founders have experience in business, retail, non-profit, volunteer work and animal rescue and sheltering. Fringe Benefits Thrift Store opened for business in Sheboygan on December 4, 2004.


Fringe Benefits Thrift Store has donated over $125,000 to help animals. To see a list of grant awardees, visit our Grants page.

Fringe Benefits Thrift Store is run by a team of dedicated employees and volunteers. Each employee and volunteer has a very special place in their heart for helping animals and keeping the community green. Fringe Benefits relies on gently used and new items donated by the general public and local businesses. Sales generated by customers who frequent the store directly support our mission to help animals in need. All proceeds benefit animal welfare.

We Recycle

Fringe Benefits utilizes many outlets to keep waste from making it to landfills. If we receive unsellable metal, cords, clothing and textiles we are able to recycle them and even receive funding in doing so. This funding supports our mission to help the animals!

Rudy's Fund

Ruth ZabelRudy's Fund relies on monetary donations from the public and special events hosted by Fringe Benefits. Donate in-store today and your generous donation will be directly contributed to Rudy's Fund. Rudy’s Fund was established in 2010 in memory of Ruth Zabel (left) a founding member of Fringe Benefits, passed away in November 2009. Although she is no longer with us, Ruth's spirit is present in the work that we do. She continues to be a guardian for our animal friends. Without her, Fringe Benefits could not be what it is today. We are forever grateful for her generosity, creativity, wit, life lessons and love! Rudy’s Fund benefits programs that relieve suffering or neglected animals and promotes humane animal treatment.